At Results FAST our focus is to deliver the best possible fitness, gym and training experience individualized to your needs.

We aim to deliver over every other local gym and personal trainers as we have a wide array of experience and our whole gym is set up to deliver results. That said a lot of businesses may say the same thing so let us explain how we came into existence.


Firstly, how did we get here and why should you train with us?

Results Fitness and Sports Training opened it’s doors on  a chilly January morning in 2010. Our concept in effect was completely new. Personalised workouts that are relevant, challenging and fun matched with coherent nutrition advice where you receive coaching at every session. Our goals are to promote “science” backed training as opposed to fad or a more populist approach to get our clients awesome results.

When we opened our doors we had no members, no local reputation and a rent check due in 3 months to pay. So we got on with it- juggling jobs and running a start up.

And we are still here… In fact we are more than still here every year in business we have grown considerably baring in mind 80% of small businesses close after 2 years. We work with a range of clients from fat loss, injury rehab, exercisers looking to get fitter and those looking to take their performance to new heights.Gym-27.jpg

But what “qualifies” Results FAST beyond the other options you have?

Maybe a bit about our “experience.”

Basically, we help people make smart decisions about their health, nutrition, fitness and performance so they don’t have to think about it.

Since we opened we have trained a range of clients from time poor individual’s, new mums, members of the Spice Girls and The Saturdays through to Polar Explorers.

Results FAST have been featured in a number of national publications for our novel approach to helping people get great results including Glamour Magazine, The Evening Standard and Men’s Health where Results FAST was described as home of the “World’s Most Efficient Workout.”

Primarily, our experiences have been in high end personal training working in London’s West End. Our director Ian Mellis has a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and has accumulated over 20,000 hours of one on one and small group training experience over the last 19 years as well as being the Technical Lead of over 50 personal trainers and has contributed to 5 top selling fitness books.

Our assistant coaches Rob Tagliarini and Kane Hagley- King are educated above and beyond industry standard and as a team form the most experienced and credentialed teams in the local area.

Our ethos remains the same over time as we have grown as a business.

We are a personal, customer facing local business who try to help you achieve amazing results. We having amazing retention- over 80% of our members keep training with us which is well above fitness industry rates.

We always suggest that you try our services before you buy so feel free to contact us so we can explain how we can help you.