Our service is probably a little different to your average gym so let us explain how it works.

Step 1- Free Two Week Membership

We use this first two weeks to give you the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for you.

Step 2- Assessment

Over your first two weeks our expert coaches will assess a number of things from strength, fitness, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility and movement. From here we can work out what your complete training and nutrition programme will look like going forward.

Step 3- Decision

If you decide to join at the end of this period then we have the ideal blueprint for you to hit your goals. We also begin the process of looking at other things in your lifestyle such as nutrition, recovery strategies and injury rehabilitation if necessary. All these things may take a little longer and are often habit based so we will help create the ideal balance for you to see success.

Step 4- 1% Better Every Day

Progress is very rarely linear. The truth is over time consistency counts and we will be there to keep you focussed, motivated and accountable. Focussing upon consistent improvements over time ensure that you hit your targets.

You will have a few different training and service options that you can see below:

Small Group Personal Training

Flexible to fit in with you and cost effective. The best value personal fitness option in the local area.

From £54.99 a month.

1-1 Personal Training

A more personalised experience for your training. Receive customised training 1-1.

From £170 a month.

Nutrition Coaching

Guidance, accountability and support every step of the way no matter what your goals.

From £54.99 a month.

Ready to take the first step?