When it comes to picking a gym or personal trainer in Ware you have lots of options but let us explain and show you why Results FAST is different.

Our approach is centered in smart, scientifically backed training and nutrition to help you get to your goals. Every session is coached by your own expert fitness coach and you have constant access, support and motivation from our team with your training, health, lifestyle and nutrition.

Here are some examples of how we might be best placed to help you achieve your goals.

Our track record

11 years established and locally the most experienced personal trainers with over 40,000 hours of cumulative personal training experience.

Our service

Over 40 sessions early, mid-morning, evenings and weekends. Coaching at every session. Personalisation for all goals from fat loss, improved fitness and health, sports performance and injury rehab underpinned with Masters level qualified coaches.

Our recognition

Featured in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Evening Standard, Runners World and the Huffington Post. Featured as the “World’s Most Efficient Workout” in Men’s Health as well as the trainers of Batman!

Our clients

Normal time busy men and women looking to get the most from their workouts. From new Mum’s through to stressed office workers we have an age range of members from 14 to 78. We have worked with members of the Spice Girls, The Saturdays, Channel 4 and Sky, actors and actresses trying to get in shape, athletes in 4 different sports at an international level, numerous young athletes trying to go from good to great as well as those looking to complete a first marathon. We aren’t elitist as we will help everyone no matter the start point!

Our specialisms

Our specialisms are changing peoples physique (primarily fat loss), strength and conditioning, lean muscle development, injury rehab and event preparation. Building sensible programmes based on getting you to your goals is our specialism. Most importantly if you have got this far on the website we never programme burpees as they are possibly the most pointless exercise ever!

Want to work with us?