Success Stories

Here are some reviews we had from some of our members over the years!


Here are a few more!

“Ian is an expert in his field who not only understands training at a high level but manages to make it easy for the everyday person to understand. Compared to other coaches his ability to deliver complex ideas in an applied useable format is second to none”

Wesley Doyle- Fitness Editor/ Men’s Health Magazine… and journalistic legend.


“Old school equipment and training with a scientific and modern approach, that’s what makes Results Fast stand out from the rest. No large plasma screens or walls full of mirrors to distract you from the reason that you go to the gym, this promotes no ego’s on show but plenty of character!
This is coupled with expert and cutting edge tuition/advice from the owners. Both approachable at any time for advice or that little bit of extra encouragement. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or have made a decision to change your lifestyle decision, each tailor made fitness program has your goals at its heart. A little different from all the rest!!”

Steve Radford- Martial arts black belt, zen master and founding member of Results FAST.

“The first gym I’ve ever been to that hasn’t bored me to tears or intimidated me – and the only one I’ve stuck with! People are friendly, coming from different age groups and lifestyles. The guys take a really knowledgeable, thoughtful approach to training, with the result that you feel the benefits very soon. I am fitter, slimmer and generally much more energetic and motivated than I was before. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Nicky Parker- Busy Publisher at Amnesty UK (she will probably correct my grammar on this website) and 6 year member.


“RF is by far the best gym I have ever used!! Let’s be clear, RF is not just a gym – It’s WAY more than that.

What each individual wants from a gym differs. It doesn’t have the glitz, the TVs and razzamatazz that some gyms have and that some gym-goers prefer. It doesn’t have rows and rows of high-tech machines. It doesn’t have the muscle-bound members parading around the gym advertising their wares. It also definitely doesn’t have the “leave you alone” policy that allows many gym goers to practice poor form and potentially be harming themselves. The coaches are constantly available to advise and correct form and practices.

What RF DOES have is an ethos that concentrates on the health, fitness and well-being of members. What each member wants to achieve can also be tailored for individuals. The coach’s are friendly, well-qualified and highly regarded within their industry. Their readiness to share information about fitness and health & nutrition allows members to not just change to their bodies, but improve their overall health and well-being.

RF don’t waste their time telling you what’s wrong with other gyms, they concentrate on making their service right for the members. I’ve been a member for over 3 years you can tell, I love it there. I used to be a yo-yo dieter living in that well-known town of denial. Its has helped me change my life for the better.”

Paul Davies- Massive respect to Paul- he lost shed loads of weight and now his summers aren’t complete without completing a handful of adventure races.

“Results FAST provide a fantastic training environment for me as a professional tennis coach and all my performance juniors. Training is tailored on an individual basis and delivered in a small group providing, an inclusive training experience. We are never left to motivate ourselves. Motivation is available in abundance through the trainers and the rest of the group. The equipment is perfect to facilitate planned improvements and the training thoroughly professional, demanding, competitive and fun! If you want to play at training, this gym is definitely not the place for you! If you want your training to make a difference then, this is definitely the right gym for you.”

Ian Zellner- Head Tennis Coach/ Sawbridgeworth Tennis Club. We have worked with Ian’s high performance tennis players over the last 7 years and have helped take youngsters from junior ranks to national and touring level.