Injury Rehabilitation

Understanding what you need to do to rehabilitate an injury be it a short term injury or a chronic injury that will not clear up can be quite frustrating.

gym-37At Results FAST we customise sessions to your needs with the newest research on what will work to get you back to full training status.

For some people it may be how to keep a training effect when injured, for others it may be to  help get you pain free and moving.

Either way you can exercise- you may just need a more personalised approach to getting you back exercising.

There are some mobility, nutritional and self-massage treatments that can help in combination with your exercise programme and identifying the right approach is important to get you back moving.

Every session is supervised by one of our exercise specialists and your training can be continued in conjunction with treatment from your physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor.

Should you need to be referred to a suitable specialist we work with a number of people locally who can help. We also have an inhouse massage specialist who we can refer you to should this be deemed appropriate for the recovery from your injury.