Strength and Conditioning

Results FAST is locally the only high performance facility set up to support people looking to train at the highest level. If you are looking to make a serious commitment to develop your performance then the personalised approach at Results FAST will help you to make the difference.

Results FAST is the ideal setting for athletes in and out of season with a customised approach to programme management to help you achieve results in a motivating and inspiring environment.

In effect you can have a personalised approach to training at a fraction of the cost of personal training should you want it which may be more suitable for advanced trainees who need the occasional tweaking to their programme.

Locally, we have helped support our athletes develop from junior levels up to international standard in a variety of sports including tennis, kayaking, swimming, rugby union, rugby league, distance running, ultra-marathon running and football.

While helping develop strength and power output with our athletes we have dramatically reduced injury rates. Specifically minimizing lower back and shoulder issues in tennis and swimming.

Our facility combines open areas and a variety of traditional and customised free weight equipment allowing you to unleash your physical potential.