Fat Loss/ Lose Weight

Losing weight or maintaining your current weight is often challenging. As we specialise in helping people lose weight we are there to help support your weight loss journey.

blueberryThe process at Results FAST is based around the science of fat loss. There are a lot of different exercise and nutrition options that can potentially work for you- we aim to find the best path for you to follow.

Obviously, your first goal is to increase your activity levels (congratulations, you can do this on our 2 week free trial). From here we can help you build a sustainable plan that combines the right type of exercise with the right nutrition plan for you.

Exercise wise we look to maintain and keep your lean muscle mass by a challenging and varied programme of resistance training. We then look to turn over more calories with variations of cardiovascular exercise including interval training as well as more steady pulse raising sessions.

The aim is to create a calorific deficit. This does not mean by being hungry. It means that we have to tweak what you currently eat and help you build positive habits and behaviours that will help you get to your goals. It may involve a big change, it may involve small subtle changes- it’s different from person to person. In turn with this we aim to dispel any diet myths and give you simple easy to process targets to help you get where you are going.

If you struggle with motivation then you have the option of your own expert coach at each and every session to keep you on track and support you with fun and varied exercises.logosfree-trial-banner-1