What makes our gym in Ware different?

At Results FAST gym in Ware, we are a locally run and owner operated small business focussed on you and your goals with focussed and fun fitness training. We aim to help you look good, feel great and move better with our science-backed personal approach to your training in the gym. We know all of our members and take an interest in individualising your journey with us.

How do the training sessions work?

All your gym sessions are led by a personal trainer meaning they are scaled and personalised to your needs. Our members have described what we do as “a more supportive way of going to the gym” which has the accountability and customization of personal training combined with the flexibility to book into over 45 sessions to control usage of the gym. This is all at an affordable price where you can have access to world-class coaching through multiple sessions a week without incurring the cost of personal training.

How Long Have We Been Helping People with our gym in Ware ?

With over 20 years of experience in personal training, we are the most experienced trainers locally and have been featured in Men and Women’s Health for our approaches to a range of goals from body transformation through to sports performance. The majority of our members are looking to find the most efficient way to train 2-5 hours a week and we can help you find the best approach for your goals.

What else do I get as part of my membership?

As part of your membership at our Ware gym, you also receive customized nutrition, running programs, on-demand yoga/ pilates/mobility workouts, and supplement advice all as necessary to what you want to achieve. For some people you may just want to tidy up your nutrition, other people may be looking for a more bespoke approach. Either way, these services are part of your membership should you wish to use them.

I’m new To exercise, is this an issue?

Results FAST’s membership is perfect for all types of fitness goals. With a focus on getting you stronger, developing technique, and with sensible structured cardiovascular training, we aim to help you whatever your level from your first steps through to advanced exerciser.

If I need to change my class/session times how flexible are you?

We have a flexible booking system with over 45+ slots a week 7 days a week designed to fit around your schedule and with the ability to move your bookings should you need to change ad-hoc.

What if I want to work exclusively 1-1 with a personal trainer?

We also have a limited number of slots to train with our team 1-1. For people who want a more personal approach or who are nervous about engaging straight into a gym environment personal training may be the best option. These sessions can also be scheduled in quieter times. Personal training can be combined with our training memberships to accelerate your progress.

How does the 2 week trial work?

Your free trial acts as a rolling assessment and also for you to see if you enjoy the sessions and if it is a good match for you. If you decide to join we can start the personalisation process to your goals and nutrition with more information about where your fitness, nutrition and habits are at and the processes and membership that is going to be the best suit to you.

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