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We have a number of training and nutrition products that support our members goals. These work best when we direct you to the correct resource for your goals and are there to support progress around your face to face sessions with us. These are all included as part of your full membership.

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Season 1: Episode 3- Goals The Results FAST Cast

Among other things we discuss how important goals are, why you often will fail and how you set your goals up to be successful for a range of goals. As the topic suggests expert hosts Ian Mellis (www.resultsfast.co.uk Instagram: @resultsfast) and Ayo Williams (Instagram: @ayotrainingnutrition) discuss motivation and how to maintain and build it without falling in to the common mistakes that most people make when looking to improve their fitness and nutrition. Among the topics answered includes: – Why Intent = Action. – The common mistakes most people make and how you may be setting yourself up for failure. – Why most goals fail. – How to set your goals up for successful weight loss to improve compliance and motivation.
  1. Season 1: Episode 3- Goals
  2. Season 1: Episode 2- Nutrition: Beyond Calorie Deficits…
  3. Season 1: Episode 1- Motivation