It’s been a funny time recently. As we look to return to some form of altered normality and a return to our lives post “lockdown” I felt that putting all the changes going on at Results FAST in to one “communique” is probably the best way to “communicate” how Results FAST will emerge in better shape than ever to help you achieve your fitness goals.

In simple terms I guess you would like to know how it’s going to work going forward? We will aim to return to the gym with an expanded timetable as well as continuing to run Zoom sessions online in peak times. We are looking forward to the challenge of managing a diversified timetable and I have been investing a lot of time in making sure our online and offline offerings are as close as possible so you can move easily between the two. In person and online- we have got you covered!

The gym has had a bit of a face lift… it’s more colourful, more organised and with less clutter. With specific places for you to perform your training we are minimizing equipment sharing and maintaining a 2 metre physical distance between members while you train. Maintaining a sensible session number size (25% underneath government recommendations) with a rigorous cleaning protocol, an excessive amount of windows for ventilation as well as natural light, we feel we are undoubtedly as safe as we possible can be.

We have a small favour to ask in that maintaining the safety of our business is both for our and your benefit so I would appreciate if you watch the videos that we will share on social media detailing how to enter the building (for those of you who are too cool for social media I will forward you the links). We have a vigorous cleaning/ cleanliness protocol in place and have expanded the timetable (to create some quieter sessions) for those of you looking to return in a more cautious manner.

Our timetable has changed- for the people who have supported us I have tried to accommodate enough variability in the timetable. For the returning members I hope that you will understand that any changes that have been undertaken to try to find the best way forward. Also, this is our first stab at developing a new timetable that will be compatible with a partial work from home lifestyle which the majority of you will find yourself in. It is after all a first attempt and in turn may be fluid in nature as we return to more of a consistent routine.


Booking wise we are going to move over the next month to using an app called Gym Catch which is diary management app. My wife has pretty much said that she would pay for the whole thing if it means I put my phone down for 5 minutes so this will help manage session numbers and allow you to have the timetable in your pocket. This will become operational from September onward and here is the link to download:


This app we help me manage session usage a little better and hopefully allows me to track things a bit more effectively but also make it easier for you to book sessions. We will need you to book in-person and online sessions ongoing as we can no longer accept walk-ins.

As for grand openings we will aim to run a limited in-person timetable from Monday the 27th till Thursday the 30th. We will run a full online timetable in current form through to and including Saturday the 1st August. We will close completely on Sunday the 2nd of August with no sessions online or in the gym. I will update this in our members Whats App group so it is clear.

On August the 3rd we will have a full launch of the new timetable and at that week will welcome new members and people looking to rejoin.

So simply….

  • Online timetable stays the same till Sunday 2nd August.
  • No sessions at all on Sunday 2nd August.
  • Gym opens on Monday 27th July to Thursday 30th with limited timetable (TBA).
  • Full gym reopening with new in-person and online timetable from Monday 3rd August.

There are a large number of people reading this who have my appreciation for a number of reasons- it may be that you did nothing but pay your membership but it has kept us afloat. This has undoubtedly been an incredibly stressful period balancing looking after my family and pivoting our whole business model over the last 4 months. Running a small business through this is tough and I am endeavoring not to cut our services and in turn I only want to build careers for Rob in fitness coaching and Terry with his sports massage and injury rehabilitation. We hope the coming few months allow us to return to our pre-pandemic levels and make what we do sustainable in the future.

So we look forward to welcoming you all back over the coming weeks and months. We are excited to get back to working with you face to face (but not facing you obviously) as this is where we know we offer you the best value. We are excited but nervous at the same time- in essence it’s a bit like starting again and we hope that we can continue to support your health and fitness by working with us!

All the best,


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Ian Mellis MSc. CSCS is the co-founder of Results FAST (www.resultsfast.com)based in Ware, Hertfordshire. Specialising in athletic development, physique improvement and injury rehabilitation he provides personal training, strength and conditioning and nutrition coaching for motivated exercisers and those looking to make a long term change to their health, fitness and performance.

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